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Seeing as it's been a couple of days since I had a soirée, some how still have a hangover, and it appears all the photos still haven't resurfaced. I ask myself, how I didn't listen to my own advice at the start of the evening.

I remember it quite well, as I looked at the Tequila bottle, and said to the same people I was later doing shots with, Tequila is Just Mexican for Liquid Regrets.

I really should have listened to myself.

I want to create a Phlog, so I did.

I generally use content all over the place, because I'm not enough of a content generator to be able to get my shit together and write different things around.

No jokes, you'll find this post on my blog, livejournal, and no doubt elsewhere I see fit, on top of it being on the phlog.

I also post it on the web via the phlog, only because I really want to get more in to posting using Markdown and it seems the most logical way of doing this.

And before you ask, I considered creating the webpage using but I decided to keep that domain off of the old HTTP and it seems I have standards. I picked my domain, because in a weird sort of way Gopher has always been linked to my BBS.

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